Submission Guidelines

Hello friends of Fiddler Crab Review. 

We are not accepting submissions of chapbooks for review right now, but we are in the process of reinvigorating the blog and hopefully we will be back to reviewing soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your interest in being reviewed on Fiddler Crab. We get many questions about our selection process so here it is: the chapbooks circulate among the reviewers and we choose what intrigues us or strikes our fancy. If your chapbook is selected for review we will notify you by email. Like most review sites, we no longer send notification if your chapbook is not selected for review.

Please survey our recent reviews to get a sense of what we do. At Fiddler Crab we are inclined to comment upon the positive; “the rest is silence”, ever the most effective criticism.

The publication date of your chapbook should be from 2012 onward. 

Self-published chapbooks are welcome.

We do not accept electronic versions or printouts of chapbooks. Here at Fiddler Crab we love the physical chapbook - the textures, the cover art, the binding, how it feels in our hands as we read.

Fiddler Crab cannot acknowledge receipt of chapbooks or provide informal editorial feedback. We do not return the chapbooks. Like a fiddler crab, we have no budget.

Send your chapbook and a cover letter (only if you want) to:

Fiddler Crab Review
P.O. Box
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02140

Questions? Email us at